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Why Google Is Scrubbing Personal Info From Search Results (if You Ask Nicely) – Gizmodo

Google’s public search liaison explained in a Q&A how the company attempted to balance users’ desire for privacy against providing information to the public.

As our lives become more digital, they’ve also become more searchable. Today, lots of people can find out personal information about you—phone number, physical address—with a simple Google search. This is not always ideal, or, frankly, comfortable. Google knows this, and it’s giving ordinary people the chance to scrub this information from its all-knowing search engine.

On Wednesday, the search giant launched “Results About You,” a new tool that allows users to request the removal of their physical address, phone number, and email address with just a few clicks. In addition, beginning next year, users will be able to set alerts on their personal information in Results About You, which will enable them to ask Google to remove it faster. The feature is available in the Google app and also in your browser via individual search…

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