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The 7 Best Web Browsers for Android – MakeUseOf

When you get a new Android phone it comes with its own default web browser. It’s usually Chrome; for Samsung users, it’s Samsung Internet; and for other Android users, it could be something else.

But with a quick download from the app store, you can change your phone’s default browser in minutes. If you don’t like the privacy level or organization of your phone’s default browser, give another one a try. These are the best web browsers available to download for free right now.

1. Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is easily one of the most popular web browsers out there right now. With Google as most of the world’s primary search engine, it’s a no-brainer that Google Chrome is such a hit. Most Android phones already come with Chrome pre-installed, even if it’s not automatically set to your phone’s default internet browser.

When you first open Chrome, you’re greeted by Google’s always-changing logo based on a current event or a holiday, along with trending…

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