November 12, 2018

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website

Dallas SEO, website design, marketing company discusses the reasons that your business should have a professional website.

Texas digital marketing services company, KISS PR, shares three of the biggest reasons that businesses of all sizes should have a professional website to establish their online presence.

Technology today dictates that an online presence is a key factor in whether a business is successful or not. Customers expect to be able to research future purchases, read ratings and reviews of companies, and ultimately buy goods or services online. And they want to be able to do it quickly. In fact, research shows that most web users expect a website to load within two seconds, and if it hasn’t loaded within three seconds, they will abandon it. Not only that but when users have trouble reaching a site, more than three-quarters will not return to the site at all. That means that your website has to be first-rate, all the time.

Three Reasons Your Website Needs to be Professional

There are many reasons to build a quality website for your business. The following are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • You’ll reach a wider audience – You may be running your brick-and-mortar store well and do excellent business face-to-face. That’s great – if you want to remain solely in your local market. However, if you are truly looking to grow and expand your business, you simply have to reach more potential customers. Establishing an online presence with an attractive, professional website will increase your audience exponentially and immediately.
  • You’ll be available 24/7 – People these days are used to getting what they want when they want it – whether it’s during business hours or not. When you have a website, it makes your business accessible around the clock. Customers are able to learn about your business and products, make purchases whenever they want, and you can still get a good night’s sleep.
  • You’ll increase trust and credibility – Having a good website for your customers instantly garners your company more credibility. The important thing to remember is that it needs to be a good website, not just any website. That means it needs to be attractive, engaging, user-friendly, and quick. The best way to get a website with all those qualities is to have a professional website developer design and create a unique site for you.

KISS PR Can Design a Professional Website for You

Building a good website is simply part of sustaining a successful business. The sooner you can grasp the value of a great website, the better. At KISS PR, we can help you with the professional website your company needs. Our team of experts build all websites with SEO. 

Let us Dallas SEO help you create the best site for your company.

Contact KISS PR at 214-915-0517 today to get started.

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