November 11, 2020

SEO Expert Qamar Zaman Explains - Program Optimization: Making Code More Efficient

Program optimization is needed to make code more efficient. Here is a basic overview of software optimization says Qamar Zaman SEO expert.

SEO Expert from KISS PR explains. Those of you more curious about operating systems like iOS and Android may have heard of optimization. It’s why some prefer iOS to Android, or the OxygenOS layer to OneUI. Better optimization results in more fluid software, better functionality, and less power consumption. However, what is it exactly? 

What is Software Optimization? 

What is Software Optimization?

Software optimization is the process of designing your programs to work best in their respective environments. There are several layers to this. 

Design Optimization 

Optimization on the design level means to make the best use of resources available for the given goals. Optimizing software to take advantage of hardware is overwhelmingly important to avoid burnout or crashes. It also helps to avoid latency issues, specifically when connecting to databases and networks. 

Algorithm and Data Structure Optimization 

To ensure that a system’s performance isn’t affected by inconsistent algorithms or abstract data types, optimization is needed. This includes making algorithms constant, making sure Quadratic complexity algorithms fail to scale, etc.  

Source Code Optimization 

Source code choices are crucial when optimizing for systems. For example, certain programs will function better on certain operating systems if their algorithms are optimized for those environments. 

Build Optimization 

Software may work better on certain processor models if un-required features are disabled in the build process. Hence, processors won’t have to deal with those requirements when running the program. This will consume less resources. 

Machine Independent Optimization 

This concerns the section of code unrelated to CPU registers and other memory locations. This can benefit any machine regardless of make or hardware type. 

Machine Dependent Optimization 

This is carried out post-target code generation. When the code is transformed according to the target machine architecture, optimization takes advantage of memory hierarchy. Hence, it’s basically ensuring the most efficient use of RAM, Cache, registers, etc.,to%20uninstall%20apps%20on%20OxygenOS.


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