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Microsoft Activision Deal Reportedly Also Worries Google – Game News 24 – Game News 24

The Sony brand seems to be not isolated in its fight with Microsoft in relation to the acquisition of the Activision. Since Microsoft found an unlikely alliance in Meta’s parent company, Sony has reportedly Google in its camp. It’s not clear what specific concerns Google has with recent announcements of the cancellation of Stadia. However, the search engine giant previously managed to sign up a multi-year strategic partnership with Activision Blizzard and probably feels that it will soon be in the crosshairs if the publisher is acquired.

Microsoft Activision acquisition threatens Google’s cloud deal.

Activision Blizzard announced in January 2020 they had entered a multi-year partnership, and in addition to those leveraging Google’s cloud services. A year later, Microsoft realized its own cloud solution in Azure. If the acquisition goes ahead, Microsoft is legally obligated to honour Activision Blizzards contracts, but it’s highly unlikely it’ll extend the publisher’s current…

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