November 17, 2020

How to Choose the Best Cloud Provider

Choosing the best cloud provider isn’t easy. There are so many out there. However, here is a list of features they should have.

There are hundreds of cloud providers out there. Choosing the best one isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. So it’s best to go through a little checklist to see which one is the best for you. 

What is the Pricing? 

When you’re aiming for the stars, it’s best to know how much fuel you have. So it’s best to remove all options that you can’t afford out of the list immediately. That way, you won’t let emotions cloud your judgment if you can’t afford that service. 

Also, remember to choose a pay-as-you-go structure. The ability to include extra services or remove services should also be there. Costs should be hourly or monthly or quarterly. Don’t ever sign up for a package that you can’t change later on. 

What Services Do You Need? 

What Cloud Services Do You Need

Remember that every company’s cloud computing needs are different. You may not need something that your competitor does. The best cloud service for you should offer a variety of options and choices that you need. You should also find out if you can remove and add services later on. That’s an asset you’ll appreciate as you company grows. 

What Security Does the Provider Have? 

The cloud service you choose should have several standard security measures in place. Also, they should also constantly update their security patches and update their software. They should also have a policy to do security audits frequently to find any security vulnerabilities. 

You should ask about firewalls, antivirus detection, biometric and multiple factor authentication, etc. You have the right to ask these questions so that you can sleep soundly. Also ask if they have data recovery, backup, and encryption options. The best cloud service will have all these options. 

Where is the Data Center? 

Find out where the data center is and how secure it is. The former helps in ascertaining how fast data speeds will be. No matter how fast your internet service is, geographical distance from the data center affects browsing speeds for you and your clients. 

The latter should adhere to ISO27001 standards so they can bear security attacks. Make sure that the company’s data, systems, and products comply with industry standards. 

What is the Downtime History? 

Finally, find out the downtime history of the cloud company. Cloud companies can now offer over 99.9% uptime. This will likely affect your day to day operations in the long run. So make sure you check. 

If your cloud provider checks all these boxes, you can probably say yes.


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