November 16, 2020

How Cloud Computing Will Fit in With IoT

Cloud computing is a central part of IoT. It will not only allow IoT to expand to the world, but expand its applications.

IoT is the next big thing. It’s where AI, 5G, and cloud computing will fit in to transform the world. However, what is it exactly? And how will cloud computing fit in?

What is IoT? 

IoT or Internet of Things, is a network of devices and systems that will allow devices to communicate with each other. Smartphones, smart watches, self-driving cars, traffic lights, and smart appliances will all communicate with each other. This will require a huge network of 5G communication. It will also require huge advancements in AI which will facilitate that communication. However, it will also require vast collection of data and analysis. That is where the cloud comes in. So IoT and cloud computing will complement each other. 

Difference Between IoT and Cloud Computing 

Difference Between IoT and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is often just called the cloud. It delivers information and stores it and delivers processing power to companies. This can be in the form of photos, videos, text, etc. While IoT is concerned with collecting information from the surroundings and communication between machines, cloud computing delivers that information. In this regard, cloud computing is an essential component of IoT which will allow it to get better in the future. 

What Role will the Cloud Play in IoT?

Cloud computing and IoT will both serve to improve efficiency in the everyday tasks of human beings. They will have a complimentary partnership. IoT generates massive data. The cloud will store it and help analyze it. "While IoT allows different devices to communicate, the cloud will facilitate that with processing power and connectivity." says Qamar Zaman of cloud based  digital pr company KissPR.  

Cloud computing will also allow for a huge network to be created for IoT. This will allow, as it does for several companies, to achieve scale without exceeding costs.,to%20travel%20to%20its%20destination.


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