March 01, 2020

How Attorneys Can Get Quality Leads using Facebook

Qamar Zaman, National Website Growth Expert, shares one of the best social media strategies on how lawyers can attract consistent flow of quality cases without aggressively marketing their services.

Among the best ways to market your law firm and get a consistent flow of high-quality cases is to establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise. The best way to attract your target audience is to become an influencer in a specific niche. If you’ve already achieved settlements and verdicts worthy of mention, you need to put your expertise, authority, and trust to good use. 

But what if you don’t have those expert-level qualifications yet? One of the first you might be asking yourself is whether or not you need a large Facebook following to get quality cases.

“You don’t need to have millions of followers to become one,” says nationally recognized digital growth expert Qamar Zaman, “Anyone can do it, given the right mindset and the right strategy,”

Zaman, who owns and operates Dallas-based digital consultancy KISS PR, suggests that you focus on only one platform to harness its power most effectively, and recommends Facebook (which he includes Instagram as a part of). Facebook provides statistical insights that will help you determine the demographics of your ideal customer. 

To use Facebook to attract new cases successfully, Zaman advises that you create the following marketing assets. 

First, create a video that addresses the pain of your ideal customer. If you are targeting specific demographics, you need to understand their needs.

Second, you should give them a valuable, free resource in return for watching your video, such as a downloadable e-book. (Zaman warns against asking for an email address, which can often repel potential customers.) It doesn’t need to be overly long, but the e-book should provide the reader with real value and illustrate why your firm is uniquely qualified to help them. 

Third, create a Facebook group, which provides more engagement and visibility than your main Facebook page. 

You also need a landing page on your website to place the same video (often called a video sales letter), and a thank you page to anyone who watches and downloads the resource, where you might ask potential leads to join your Facebook page. 

“Once you establish your authority in your field of expertise and become an influencer, you don’t need to market yourself to your prospects anymore. Your prospects are the ones who will look for you. That’s the power of influence,” Zaman, who has been cited in major publications including Forbes and Huffington Post, “Now, it’s your turn to shine. Transform yourself into a social media influencer by following the steps above. Good luck!” 

Qamar Zaman 

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